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Accepting imperfection

4 years ago

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I don't know if this is going to be interesting for you or not but enjoy!

I've always been writing some of my thoughts and tried to express myself in words that I can't speak but sometimes manage to put on paper or type on a computer. Those words may be inspired by someone I met, something I witnessed or experienced, or even by random thoughts I have while I'm out and about with my life. However, me being this person that's never sure of himself when it comes to something related to himself, I decide to always get rid of those words lest someone notices the imperfections in the way it may have been articulated. Those papers end up creased, torn and thrown into some illiterate dustbin that itself can never fix the permanently fractured fibres along the indelible creases and can never glue the ends of the torn pieces. And those words on the screen vanish with the click of a button never to be seen by the eyes of a curious being. Never to be uttered by a thoughtful being and never to be heard by the eager ears of a human being.

However, here is the start of a new beginning. A beginning where I finally accept the truth that like everything else in the world, my words too, can never be perfect. Here is the first post, welcoming you to my world of thoughts; imperfect, but from my heart.

Muees Moosa

Published 4 years ago