Water under the bridge

As the memories of lost love lingers around

2 months ago

Latest Post Water under the bridge by Muees Moosa

When the rain stopped pouring,
And the lingering melodies of love had faded,
The time, though mighty, came to a standstill,
All because, our love was no more.

In the shadows of the bridge,
Where our echoes used to dance,
There's a memory, bittersweet,
Of our laughter, our glances, our chance.

But now the river only flows,
Unmindful of our dreams,
Carrying away the whispers,
The hopes, and all it seems.

Yet, in the stillness after rain,
In the quiet of the night,
I wonder if you too pause,
To ponder on the water under the bridge.

Muees Moosa

Published 2 months ago